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Title Memorial Day
Posted by MD HYEJIN (ip:)
Date 24.06.05
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June 6th is Memorial Day.

It is a day to remember and express gratitude for the dedication of martyrs, patriots, and democratization movement heroes who gave their lives for the Republic of Korea. It is a day to commemorate all those who sacrificed their lives for the country, including the Korean War veterans on April 19, 1956. That's right.

This day is an official public holiday in Korea, so the Zezeya team will have a day off!

In order to make Memorial Day a meaningful day, I also try to reflect on the history of Memorial Day, the memorial ceremony, and the method of raising the flag.

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When did ‘Memorial Day’ begin?

The history of Memorial Day is that <Memorial Day> was first established on April 19, 1956. Afterwards, on May 15, 1982, Memorial Day was established as a legal memorial day.

Sometimes people wonder if Memorial Day is a national holiday. Memorial Day, which expresses condolences and condolences, is not a national holiday because a national holiday is literally a day to commemorate auspicious days of the country.

Please remember Memorial Day as a national day of remembrance.

Every year on Memorial Day, the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs holds a memorial ceremony at the Seoul National Cemetery to honor the martyrs and patriots of their country.

And at 10 a.m. sharp, when the Memorial Day ceremony begins, a siren sounds across the country for one minute of silence in remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives for the prosperity and independence of the Korean people and the freedom and peace of the Republic of Korea.

Since the National Cemetery is not an easy place to get to, there are outdoor locations where memorial ceremonies are held throughout the area.

If there is a major accident the previous year or the year before, even larger events are held nationwide.

In particular, since the Republic of Korea is still a ceasefire country, many soldiers are stationed near the ceasefire line to protect the country, and accidents tend to occur while serving.

Ilsan, northern Gyeonggi Province, where I live, is close to the cease-fire line, so we still receive disaster messages when objects such as North Korean aircraft or leaflets are identified.

It makes us realize that the war is not over, but rather in a truce.


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What is ‘National Cemetery’?

It is a national cemetery and patriotic veterans facility in Korea.

 It is also a place where if you die in an unexpected accident or local battle while serving in the military, you will end up as a handful of dirt or ashes.

Each public servant, police officer, firefighter, soldier, or patriot, has a different gravesite for each person who served their country with passion.

How do I hoist the Taegeukgi?

Since Memorial Day is a day to express condolences, the national flag should be flown lower than the width (length) of the flagpole, rather than the Taegeukgi, which is generally raised at the end of the pole. Also, only on that day, hang it on the left or center of the front door (veranda) to be viewed from outside the house.

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'Korean Flag'?

Taegeukgi (太極旗), the national flag of the Republic of Korea, consists of the Taegeuk symbol in the center and the four trigrams of Geongongamri (乾坤坎離) on the four corners on a white background.

The white background represents brightness, purity, and our traditionally peace-loving ethnicity.

The Taegeuk symbol symbolizes the harmony of yin (blue) and yang (red) and expresses the truth of nature that all things in the universe gain life and develop through the harmony of yin and yang.

It's a little complicated, but I explained about Memorial Day, June 6th, which every Korean should know.

It's not easy to remember and continue history, but I think it's good to reflect on it once a year on national anniversaries and memorial days like this.

📅 Zezeya will have a day off on June 6th for Memorial Day.

Please note that orders placed in the meantime will be shipped on June 7th!

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Thank you for reading my long article today.

Please also introduce your country’s public holidays in the comments!

We're always curious what you think!

Thank you for your love and interest as always, and please take a look at our other articles and Instagram posts during Zezeya's day off.


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