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Title 📔 ZEZEYA Guidebook Guide
Posted by MD YEOJIN (ip:)
Date 24.06.07
Views 37

Hello everyone!

Today, I'm going to introduce you to the ZEZEYA Guidebook.

Have you ever wanted to buy something from ZEZEYA but hesitated because you don't know how to use ZEZEYA?

Or are there still people who don't know how to use ZEZEYA?

If so, this article will be helpful.

I'll tell you about the ZEZEYA GuideBook, which explains well how to use ZEZEYA.

You can see it by going to the link below.

▶ ZEZEYA GuideBook


This guidebook contains information on how to use ZEZEYA, including how to sign up for ZEZEYA membership, how to order, and how to pay.

It also contains information you need to know about ordering and shipping.

There is also information related to benefits such as coupons, discounts, and promotions.

Other than that, it contains information related to ZEZEYA.

Among them, I'm going to explain in more detail about the content that I get a lot of CS about!

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First, there are many questions from people who have trouble signing up.

In particular, there are many people who have trouble creating an ID.

For the ID, you can write the ID that you will use when logging into ZEZEYA.

It says that the ID must be 4 to 16 characters long and consist of lowercase letters or a combination of letters and numbers.

If you want to use an ID called ZEZEYA, you have to write zezeya. Because only lowercase letters are entered!

If you want to add numbers, write it like this: zezeya123.

And the password must use a combination of at least 3 of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

* ID

ZEZEYA (X) - No uppercase letters!

zezeya (O)

zezeya123 (O)

* Password

A combination of at least 3 of uppercase/lowercase letters/numbers/special characters. (8~16 characters)

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The next most common CS content is about payment errors.

When paying with PayPal or Eximbay, there may be cases where an error code appears and the payment fails.

Error code: TS21, X000, etc.

In this case, please capture the payment error code and send us a CS.

The cause of payment failure varies depending on the error code, so we need to check it.

However, in most cases, the issue cannot be resolved by us, but rather by the customer directly contacting the local credit card company.

If you have sent us a CS and it is taking a long time to get a response, it may also help to contact your local card company.

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The most frequently asked questions are probably related to benefits, right?

I know that many people are confused about how to use coupons.

When you access ZEZEYA, you will see the phrase 'COUPON DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE!'

If you don't know where it is, access the link below.


You must log in first to go to this coupon zone!

If the login page appears, log in.

Then, you will see the coupon download page.

Download the coupon you want from the coupon zone!

Don't know how to apply the downloaded coupon?

Put the products you want to buy in the shopping cart and then fill out the order form.

After writing the delivery information and selecting the delivery company, you will see the DISCOUNTS/REWARDS - Coupon discount section. 

Click ‘Select’ here and then select the coupon you want to apply.


Don’t know what to apply here?

Enter the discount code you know here.

Here’s a tip, read the article!

If you read the article, you can find out the promo code you can apply here :)


Enter the ZEZEYA points you want to use.

There is no separate limit on using points.

Instead, the minimum order amount for Zezeya is currently $10.

If you pay with points for orders under $10, your order will be canceled.

Please note that your order may be canceled without notice.

Want to know how to get points?

You can get points by checking in at ZEZEYA, downloading the ZEZEYA app, receiving ZEZEYA app push notifications, and writing reviews!

You can get 1 point by checking in at ZEZEYA for 14 consecutive days. 

To check attendance, please go to the link below.


I'll tell you the points you can receive in relation to the app.

App installation points: 2 points

Push notification ON points: 1 point

When receiving daily push notifications: 0.1 point

You can earn points by leaving reviews for the products you ordered. 

Please note that you will be awarded points if you leave a text review or a photo review.

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After reading this article, did it help you?

If you still don't understand, please read the guidebook!

In this article, I only talked about the parts that people are particularly curious about among the contents of the guidebook.

If you read the guidebook, you can learn more about ZEZEYA.

Then, you will know better how to use ZEZEYA!

Thank you so much for reading today's article.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

And as a thank you to those of you who read this article, I will tell you the Promo code.

I told you how to use the Promo code above!

If you don't understand, read it again :)


ZEZEYAGUIDEBOOK : 06/07_17:00 ~ 06/08_17:00 (KST)

This is a discount code that can be used when purchasing the products I introduced.

This code is entered directly after selecting payment in the shopping cart and registering the shipping address.

If you have difficulty using the coupon, please check the manual!

For detailed instructions on how to use it, please check the link below!

You can use this code when purchasing the 4 products introduced in the article.

You can get a 3% discount if you use this code, so be sure to use it when you buy it!

Thank you for reading the article today❤️

See you in the next article!


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