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Title Ariul
Posted by MD HYEJIN (ip:)
Date 24.06.10
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Above Care - Value beyond change

Real Effects - Nature’s proven efficacy

Inspired by Nature - Best raw materials, nature

Ultimate Innivation - Ultimate Innovation

Living Better - Healthy Lifestyle

Ariul, a brand derived from the first letter of each brand, is a famous brand with a variety of products ranging from skin care to cleansing, and is also available at Olive Young.

This time, many of Ariul’s products have been launched in Zezeya.

I was even more delighted because I had been using this brand’s products before I started working at Zezeya.

Get introduced to Ariul products and get discount codes for the products introduced below!

Green Vitamin Line

As the sunny summer approaches, concerns about dark spots and blemishes are increasing.

Perhaps that is why products containing vitamin C are popular at Zezeya these days.

In order to be recognized for its skin whitening effect, it must contain a large amount of pure vitamin C, which has super-strong antioxidant activity.

However, cosmetics full of pure vitamins are not only difficult to store, but also sting and irritate the skin. (Is it high risk, high return?)

I also use COSRX's vitamin serum, but I don't use it every day due to irritation issues.

Wait a minute, are you using the vitamin C you are using correctly?

Check out the article about vitamin C✍️

However, Ariul's Green Vitamin line of cosmetics is a basic cosmetics line containing hypoallergenic green vitamins, and contains hypoallergenic raw vitamins such as Kakadu plum and vitamin tree fruit extracts, as well as Ascorbic Acid, pure vitamin C.

Among them, I recommend the Green Vitamin C Multi Balm Soothing Stick.

ARIUL Green Vitamin C Soothing Stick 24g

[Click on the photo to go to the product.]

This multi-vitamin stick, which is compact in size and can be carried in your bag, is a 15-layer absorption multivitamin stick that is a summer item that can soothe skin irritated by the hot sun.

This vegan, slightly acidic formula stick, which excludes oils and waxes and consists only of moisture, contains centella asiatica extract and cypress water to provide skin soothing and barrier protection care.

Vitamin Complex - A complex of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, B12, E, H, and F, which delivers rich nutrition to dull and dull skin.

In addition, rich amino acids and peptide ingredients help suppress melanin pigmentation and provide antioxidant effects, which are most important for skin vitality.

Ariul's multi-stick is great for use even by those with sensitive skin, as it is not a stick made of oil and wax ingredients that clog pores.

Watermelon Hydro Line

Currently, watermelon sections are in full swing at supermarkets in Korea.

The fruit that comes to mind when thinking of summer in Korea is watermelon.

The Watermelon Hydro line, suitable for summer, is a basic line specialized for soothing and cooling.

Watermelon, which is made up of more than 90% water, is not only rich in moisture, but also has a cooling effect and various vitamins.

The amazing superfood watermelon sweetly soothes dull, irritated skin.

Among them, I recommend Watermelon Hydro Vital Cream, which has capsules that contain vitamins like watermelon seeds and are rich in moisture like watermelon flesh.

ARIUL Watermelon Hydro Vital Cream 55ml

[Click on the photo to go to the product.]

This is a refreshing and moist cream that allows red capsules rich in vitamins and the rich moisture of watermelon to penetrate into the skin.

It contains enough watermelon extract, which is rich in not only moisture but also minerals and vitamins, so it quickly soothes sensitive and sensitive skin.

This formula is suitable for sensitive skin and has passed the skin irritation test and is free from parabens, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, and fragrance allergens.

Additionally, it contains xylitol and erythritol to quickly cool down hot skin and help tighten pores.

Isn’t it the perfect basic cosmetic to soothe your skin after daytime activities?

Apple Cider Line

These days, cleansing doesn't just end with removing impurities with foam.

In cleansing to remove color makeup, it removes sebum from pores less irritatingly and effectively using oil, which is similar to impurities.

Ariul's apple cider line is a line that brings together the A to Z of cleansing.

We offer a variety of cleansing products, from cleansing creams to scrubs.

Originally, Ariul was famous among Olive Young as a famous cleansing product.

Ariul's cleansing products made by mixing apple cider vinegar (made in Italy) are basically natural AHA ingredients that remove dead skin cells and impurities and control oil.

Among them, I would like to introduce Apple Cider Fresh Puree Scrub Mask.

ARIUL Apple Cider Fresh Puree Scrub Mask 100g

[Click on the photo to go to the product.]

This moisturizing scrub mask can be used on the entire body from face to toes.

Recently, Scrub’s icon was ‘brown sugar’.

This apple cider scrub mask uses a sugarcane scrub to remove hard dead skin cells and finishes with konjac beads to minimize irritation.

Made with whole apples, this comfortable and moist puree scrub removes sebum finely hidden between skin textures when it touches the skin, leaving a moist feeling.

We recommend Ariul's Apple Cider Fresh Puree Scrub Mask to those who have difficulty applying makeup even after exfoliating or those who have difficulty with peeling care due to sensitive skin!

Stress Relieving Line

This is a line I really wanted to introduce!

The first time I learned about the brand Ariul was because of Ariul's Stress Relieving products.

I'm not the type of person who enjoys wearing colored makeup, so even if I buy a point remover, it's not easy to use it all up.

What caught my eye at that time were Ariul's compact size cleansing pad products.

If you are packing your bags to go on a trip to Japan and you put cleansing oil products somewhere and then find them out, it would be an accident, right?

At that time, I saw Purefull Lip and Eye Remover Pad at Olive Young and bought it.

ARIUL Stress Relieving Purefull Lip and Eye Remover Pad 55g (30pads)

[Click on the photo to go to the product.]

One of the reasons I was impressed by this brand is that they designed their products in a size that can be carried on board!

This small pad, the size of a toner pad, removes eye makeup from both eyes.

Even if it's a waterproof mascara.

The oil base and water base are mixed in an ideal ratio so it is not too oily.

Also, despite the powerful cleansing, there was no irritation in my eyes.

When I looked into the reason, I found out that it was because we excluded ingredients that could cause skin irritation as much as possible and completed a skin irritation test.

“It’s a tissue type, so what if it doesn’t stick well and the liquid leaks out?”

There is no need to worry about this.

It is completely sealed with the strongest sticker among the portable tissue products I have seen so far.

Even now, I have this perfect ARIUL Stress Relieving Purefull Lip and Eye Remover Pad on my dressing table.

This is a product I highly recommend to you.

Thank you for reading my article today about the brand Ariul.

It may be a brand you are already familiar with, or it may be a brand you are new to, but I hope you will be interested in my introduction today!

Are you curious about Ariul’s other products? 👉 Go to Brand Hall

We are releasing a 24-hour special code exclusively to you that will allow you to get a discount on the Ariul products introduced today.


ZEZEYAATARIUL : 06/10_16:00 ~ 06/11_16:00 (KST)

This is a discount code that can be used when purchasing the products I introduced.

This code is entered directly after selecting payment in the shopping cart and registering the shipping address.

If you have difficulty using the coupon, please check the manual!

For detailed instructions on how to use it, please check the link below!

👉 See how to use coupons/codes!

As always, thank you for reading my article today and I will come back to you with another topic next time.

Have a good time


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