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        MD Article
        What are the differences between Korean and Western makeup?🤨
        Hello Everyone!Thank you for visiting today’s article.Today, we are going to find out how makeup is different in Korea and overseas.When looking at social media such as Instagram or YouTube, have you ever noticed that each country has different makeup characteristics?Even among people from the same country, this is an issue that differs depending on personal preference.However, there are makeup characteristics that differ from country to country to some extent.As a Korean, I see that there are definitely differences between Korean and foreign makeup.I'll just call it the difference between Korean and Western makeup.Let’s take a look at what the differences are and how they differ.HEIMISH Dailism Lip Gloss 4g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]First, let me talk about Korean makeup.Koreans tend to prefer clean and bright skin.There are many people who think tone-up is important.So, We usually use a base makeup product that is a shade lighter than my skin tone.And in Korea, cushions and compacts are used relatively more.The cushion is very comfortable because all you have to do is put the contents on the puff and pat it on your face.Concealers are mostly used to cover freckles, blemishes, and dark circles.The eye makeup style is also different from Western makeup.Koreans like to wear makeup to make their eyes look long and open.To make your eyes look bigger and more open, draw a long eyeliner and paint the back of the eye with shadow.If you paint the back part of your eye with shadow to expand the area, it will have the effect of making your eyes look fresh and open.And many Koreans think aegyo sal is important.If your aegyo-sal looks big, your eyes will look much bigger.So, we often put pearl shadow on the aegyo-sal to emphasize it.Or, we use brows or shading to shade the lower part of the aegyo sal.In the case of eyelashes, make them look as long as possible.And we lift our eyelashes as close as possible to make them look neat.CLIO SUPERPROOF BRUSH LINER 0.55ml (2 Color)[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Straight eyebrows were popular in Korea.Koreans used to draw their eyebrows to look as straight as possible with no slant.I think drawing your eyebrows straight has the effect of making your impression softer.Some people draw in an arch shape depending on personal preference.Also, these days, many people prefer round eyebrows or slightly arched eyebrows.However, compared to the West, Koreans' eyebrows are drawn in a way that is not too curved.Lastly, what about lip makeup?In Korea, there are many people who like to create gradients.We do not apply it on full lips, but apply it lightly all over and then apply more lip product to the center of the lips to make them appear brighter.Of course, there are people who like full lips.And some people use makeup to make their lips look thicker or the corners of their mouths look raised.AMUSE EYE VEGAN SHEER PALETTE 1.6g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Let's also talk about Western makeup.Western people mainly use base makeup products in colors similar to their own skin tone.It creates a natural skin expression without deviating too much from the natural skin tone.Also, consider the three-dimensional and skeletal feel of the face to be important.They tend to emphasize the cheekbones and chin with contouring to enhance the three-dimensional and skeletal appearance of the face.In Korea, concealer is often used to cover blemishes, but in the West, it is also used as a highlighter.Westerners often use a concealer a little lighter than their natural skin tone to create a highlighter effect on their T-zone, tip of the nose, and mouth.What style is Western eye makeup?In the West, they seem to like a rising eye makeup style.They enjoy upward makeup that reminds them of cats.Not only the shadow but also the eye line is drawn in a rising shape, which has the effect of making them look sophisticated and sexy.Even in Korea, people who look like cats are drawn in an upward direction to highlight their strengths.And for Westerners, volume seems to be more important than long eyelashes.They seem to want to make their eyelashes look as full as possible.When it comes to lips, volume seems to be important.They over-lip their lips to make them look thick.I think people often use glowing lip products to make their lips look more voluminous.ETUDE LipTailor 0.2g+0.6g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]What do you guys think?These days, with K-beauty gaining popularity around the world, it seems like there are a lot of people using Korean-style makeup.How do you guys do your makeup?What kind of tastes do you guys have?I’m curious about what makeup style everyone prefers!I hope today’s article is also interesting to you.Thank you for reading the article today!❤️🏷️ ARTICLE PRODUCT 3% DISCOUNT CODEDIFFERENCESMAKEUP : 06/17_16:00 ~ 06/18_16:00 (KST)This is a discount code that can be used when purchasing the products I introduced.This code is entered directly after selecting payment in the shopping cart and registering the shipping address.If you have difficulty using the coupon, please check the manual!For detailed instructions on how to use it, please check the link below!You can use this code when purchasing the 4 products introduced in the article.You can get a 3% discount if you use this code, so be sure to use it when you buy it!Thank you for reading the article today❤️See you in the next article!👉 See how to use coupons/codes! @MD_YEOJIN
        A lonely island 200 miles southeast of Ulleungdo, the home of birds. No matter how many people insist that it is theirs, Dokdo is our land!A lonely island 200 miles southeast of Ulleungdo, the home of birds. No matter how many people insist that it is theirs, Dokdo is our land!This is a song I have been singing at school since I was a child.I don't remember where I learned it, but I remember always humming it with my friends when I was young.Dokdo, located between Korea's Ulleungdo and Japan's Okinoshima, 87.4km southeast of Ulleungdo and 157km northwest of Okinoshima, is a collection of two islands, West Island and East Island.Designated as Natural Monument No. 336 (name: Dokdo Natural Reserve), public access has been restricted based on Article 33 of the Cultural Heritage Protection Act. However, since June 2009, entry to East Island, excluding West Island, has been open to the public with a limit of 470 people at a time. .It is said that there are not many days when Dokdo has good weather conditions, so there are only about 50 to 60 days a year when docking is possible. It is such a difficult place to get to that there are even sayings such as ‘You can only go if three generations have accumulated virtue’ or ‘You can only go if heaven allows it.’Once the docking decision is made, viewing is possible only at the East dock for 20 to 30 minutes after entering the island using the passenger ship on board.ROUNDLAB 1025 Dokdo Cream 80ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]As it is a natural monument protection area, after landing, it is not possible to do anything that creates waste, such as smoking or eating. Afterwards, when the captain sounds the whistle, you reboard the ship you came on and return to Ulleungdo.If the weather conditions are bad, you will circle Dokdo once and then return to Ulleungdo.There is a police force that protects Dokdo in this harsh environment. They took over Dokdo security duties from the Dokdo Volunteer Guard on April 8, 1956 and are called the Dokdo Security Police (DSP).Dokdo’s natural resourcesDokdo’s treasure and resource that is in the spotlight as future energy is ‘methane hydrate.’It refers to a solid energy source created when fish and shellfish that have reached the end of their lives pile up on the seafloor, generating methane gas, and methane gas, pressed by the water pressure of the deep sea, combines with low-temperature seawater.The amount of carbon dioxide emitted when burning is much lower than that of carbon dioxide emitted when burning other fossil fuels, and its energy efficiency is high, so it is attracting attention as a next-generation energy source.It is not concentrated in a few regions, but is buried widely throughout the world, and the amount is so abundant that mankind has used it for over 500 years.When you look at methane hydrate, it looks like the dry ice you get in a frozen food delivery box, or like a snowball made from piles of snow. If you light it and see it burning brightly, you can clearly see that it is different. Because of this appearance, methane hydrate is nicknamed ‘burning ice.’ROUNDLAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Stick 19g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]It is estimated that as much as 600 million tons of methane hydrate are buried in Dokdo. As I said before, in a solid state. When a gas sublimates into a solid, it is compressed about 200 times.Applying this, it can be seen that 200L of methane gas can be obtained with just 1L of methane hydrate, which is changed to a solid state when gaseous methane gas meets seawater. It is no exaggeration to say that the Dokdo Sea itself is a huge treasure trove.Methane hydrate under the Dokdo sea remains solid only under high pressure in cold water.However, if you extract it recklessly, it turns into gas. At this time, methane released into the air is a greenhouse gas that is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide, and incorrect drilling can further accelerate global warming.The possibility of explosion cannot be ruled out. There are also geological issues.Methane hydrate exists thinly and widely at the bottom of the sea, and in order to mine it, the sea must be turned over.Additionally, if the methane hydrate layer is touched incorrectly, changes in the ocean crust may occur and natural disasters such as tsunamis may occur. This is why thorough research is necessary.ROUNDLAB 1025 Dokdo Cleansing Gel 150ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Dokdo’s ecosystemAmong the lyrics of the song ‘Dokdo is Our Land’ that I first sang, the lyrics ‘Hometown of Birds’ appear.In fact, Dokdo is home to numerous birds, plants, and insects.There are black-tailed gulls, petrels, and whooping cranes, and various migratory birds, including the Great Horned Duck, one of the world's most endangered species, breed or rest on Dokdo!Because Dokdo is a volcanic island, the distribution of plants and insects is also very unique.Although Dokdo itself is a volcanic island, access to the public is very limited, so it is a natural rest area that is not affected by human activities.Dokdo is one of the migratory routes for migratory birds traveling to and from Southeast Asia and Australia, and also serves as a resting place.Because it is far from land, the marine ecosystem is also unique.It is a sea area where cold and warm currents meet, and is very rich in plant and animal plankton, so there are many East Sea migratory fish species and sessile fish species from Ulleungdo and Dokdo that use them as food.'Gim', which is emerging as a Korean food these days, is also abundant.Dokdo is a clean sea area that maintains a natural environment and is highly valued for its clean environment and abundant resources.Dokdo, a mysterious and beautiful island.I've never been there before, but it's on my bucket list.ROUNDLAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen 50ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]It may be important to know whose land it is, but I think it is also very important to pay attention to and protect the ecosystem itself, which coexists in harmony with the beautiful natural environment.Would you like to see more products with Dokdo as a motif? 👉 ROUNDLABIt was a really long article today, but thank you very much for reading until the end.🏷️ ARTICLE PRODUCT 3% DISCOUNT CODEDOKDOINKOREA : 06/14_16:00 ~ 06/15_16:00 (KST)This is a discount code that can be used when purchasing the products I introduced.This code is entered directly after selecting payment in the shopping cart and registering the shipping address.If you have difficulty using the coupon, please check the manual!For detailed instructions on how to use it, please check the link below!👉 See how to use coupons/codes!@MD_HYEJIN
        Tips for booking accommodation in Korea!
        Hi guys!Does everyone like traveling?Is there anyone planning a trip to Korea?In the last article, we introduced precautions and travel attractions when traveling to Korea.Today, I would like to tell people who are planning a trip to Korea how to choose accommodations when traveling to Korea.This also applies not only to Korea but wherever you travel :)So, if you are curious about how to reserve accommodation when traveling, read this article carefully!JIGOTT Vita Solution 12 Moisture Foam Cleansing 180ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Where do you like to stay?Hotel, rental cottage, hostel, Airbnb, motel, etc.There are many different types of accommodations.What do you consider most important when choosing accommodation?Choosing a place to stay usually involves reviewing several factors, including location, price, and amenities.Location, cleanliness, price, reviews, facilities, friendliness, etc.When choosing accommodation, we look at various things and compare them.This allows you to make the most informed decision.If you don't know which accommodation to book, it may be helpful to prioritize.Choose criteria based on priority.If you want a place with easy access to tourist attractions, it would be better to stay in a place with a lot of tourist attractions or near a station!If price is important, you will find a place that is cheaper.Choosing accommodation will be easier if you think about your own priorities and standards.Safety is also important when choosing accommodation!A safe location with no restrictions on movement is important.Korea has good security, so you don't need to worry too much.However, if it is your first time traveling to Korea, it would be better to go to a place that has a lot of people and is easy to get to by public transportation rather than a place that is too remote.If you do preliminary research and compare location, cleanliness, price, reviews, safety, etc., you will be able to reserve a better place!Where should we look to compare these things?Although the information introduced on the official website of each accommodation facility is good, it is better to refer to the reviews.Be sure to check the reviews left by various people after using it themselves.Reviews let travelers know what the location of the accommodation is like, how clean it is, and what the service is like.If the place doesn't have too many reviews, it will be difficult to get information because there are only a few people who have used it.A place that doesn't have many reviews may mean that it's not a good place unless it opened recently.So, it's best to be especially careful.AHC Ampoule in Eye Cream 12ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]How can we reserve accommodation cheaply?Booking.com, Agoda, HotelsCombined, Trivago, Hotels.com, Airbnb, etc.There are various accommodation reservation sites.It's good to compare these sites because the lodging costs are different for each site.Sometimes there are special offers, so it's a good idea to look into these as well.However, do not blindly make a reservation just because the price is cheap at this time, do your research carefully.Sometimes, when you go to the payment page, the accommodation fee becomes much higher.Alternatively, accommodation fees may be added depending on services such as Wi-Fi or breakfast.That's why it's important to compare accommodation costs, including the services you'll use.LAMELIN Hyaluronic Ampoule 55ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Also, of course it would be cheaper to make reservations on weekdays rather than weekends and in the off-season rather than the peak season, right?And it's usually cheaper to make a reservation in advance.This is the same as when reserving airline tickets.Early bird reservations are often cheaper, so we recommend checking in about a month before your trip!Even rooms with the same conditions may be released at lower prices, and the quantity of these rooms is limited.So, if you try to book accommodation a day or two before your trip, cheap hotel rooms will most likely be sold out.You will have to book the same room at a slightly more expensive price.It is best to book at least a month in advance to save on travel costs.However, sometimes there are last-minute specials.This is because some hotels sometimes lower rates at the last minute to eliminate vacancies.If you're lucky, you can make a reservation when there's a special price like this.These products are often non-refundable, so check carefully to see if you can receive a refund.If you plan to stay for a long time, it is better to stay in one place rather than moving accommodations here and there. There are accommodations that offer discounts, such as a free night when you stay 3 nights or a discount when you stay 2 nights.If you're staying in one place for a long time, check out places that have promotions like this.MEDIAN 93% Dental IQ Toothpaste 120g (Original / Red / White / Green)[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Some people do not consider accommodation to be very important when traveling, but there are many people who consider accommodation to be the most important.If the location of the accommodation is not good, it may be difficult to travel because it is difficult to move around.If the accommodation is too dirty, it will be uncomfortable.If the service is not good, you feel bad.However, if the location is good, it will be easy to move around and you will be able to travel without difficulty.You can enjoy your trip leisurely while saving much more energy.If your accommodation is clean, you will feel comfortable and end the day very comfortably.If the service is good, you will feel much better.As these experiences accumulate, the trip may feel better or it may feel worse.That's why I think accommodation is a very important part when traveling.If you are planning a trip, please refer to this article for a more perfect trip!🏷️ ARTICLE PRODUCT 3% DISCOUNT CODEKOREANACCOMODATION : 06/12_15:00 ~ 06/13_15:00 (KST)This is a discount code that can be used when purchasing the products I introduced.This code is entered directly after selecting payment in the shopping cart and registering the shipping address.If you have difficulty using the coupon, please check the manual!For detailed instructions on how to use it, please check the link below!You can use this code when purchasing the 4 products introduced in the article.You can get a 3% discount if you use this code, so be sure to use it when you buy it!Thank you for reading the article today❤️See you in the next article!@MD_YEOJIN
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