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        MD Article
        About SOMEBYMI💜
        Hello!Today, I would like to introduce a brand called ‘SOMEBYMI’ among Korean cosmetics brands.Do you know about the brand SOMEBYMI?ZEZEYA also sells products from this brand.Although it is a Korean brand, it has expanded beyond Asia to over 40 countries including North America, Europe, and the Middle East, providing new value in global clean derma skin care.SOMEBYMI is a brand that provides proven efficacy using safe ingredients.They pay special attention to sensitive and problematic skin.They aim to closely observe various skin problems and provide natural, healthy skin solutions based on safe raw materials and proven efficacy.Even if it is an essential ingredient when making cosmetics, if it is an unsafe ingredient, it can irritate sensitive skin, so SOMEBYMI tries to block all possibilities that may irritate sensitive skin.They make products free of harmful preservatives, alcohol, sulfates, and artificial colors.They also refrain from using animal ingredients and are against animal testing.In order to clearly prove the necessary efficacy according to various skin problems, they conduct efficacy verification under more difficult conditions and strive to release excellent products through not only scientific evaluation but also satisfaction evaluation of test subjects.So, shall we find out together what products are available?🍯 SOMEBYMI Propolis B5 Glow Barrier Calming Toner 150ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]This toner contains the energy of propolis.Do you know what propolis is good for?Propolis is effective in soothing sensitive skin and relieving skin problems.It also nourishes and glows the skin.Because it is a hypoallergenic toner, it is suitable for use even if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.This toner containing propolis is good for soothing and moisturizing the skin.People who want to moisturize their skin and make it glow will benefit from using this toner!It will provide a refreshing, moist finish without being sticky.* Recommended✔ Crisp skin ✔ Rough skin ✔ Skin that needs moisturizing✔ Sensitive skin🍋 SOMEBYMI Yuja Niacin 30 Days Blemish Care Serum 50ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Are you worried about skin trouble marks and blemishes?Then I recommend this serum.This serum contains ingredients that brighten your skin.Niacinamide will brighten your skin.Yuzu extract will take care of blemishes.It contains fragrance extracted from citron peel oil, not artificial fragrance, so you can feel the fresh and realistic citron scent.Helps remove pigmentation such as spots, blemishes, and freckles.And it will brighten your bare skin.High-content vitamin derivatives take care of not only blemishes but also signs of trouble.It is also a serum that is responsible for moisturizing the skin.If you are concerned about your skin tone, pores, and blemishes, I recommend this serum!* Recommended✔ Sensitive skin✔ Skin with blemishes, spots, and freckles✔ Skin with traces of trouble✔ Dull skin🌿 SOMEBYMI 30 Days Miracle Tea Tree Clear Spot Oil 10ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Are you worried about acne that keeps coming up?Let me introduce you to a spot oil that will soothe acne on your skin.This spot oil removes acne blemishes, controls excess oil, and provides moisture to the skin.Did you know that tea tree leaves help soothe skin troubles?Tea tree has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is good for soothing skin and acne.If you apply a cotton swab soaked in spot oil to the acne area, the acne will quickly subside.Tea tree leaf oil and leaf water prevent excessive sebum production and are effective in relieving acne.It also provides moisture to the skin with natural essence oil containing panthenol and allantoin.It is a vegan-certified natural essential oil and is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for daily use.If you are worried about acne, you might want to try this spot oil.* Recommended✔ Acne skin✔ Dry skin✔ Oily skin☀️ SOMEBYMI Truecica Aqua Calming Suncream SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]This sunscreen is a friendly sunscreen that does not use animal ingredients.Obtained Eve Vegan certification from the French Vegan Association.People looking for a cruelty-free sunscreen should pay attention to this sunscreen.This sunscreen is made with a 79% water base.So, it is a moist cream formulation with a moisturizing feel.It also contains hyaluronic acid, so you can feel moisturized without dryness.Even dry skin can be moisturized with sun care just like applying moisturizing cream.It also contains Truecica so it can be used even on sensitive skin.It will soothe irritated skin and make it feel refreshed.* Recommended✔ Sensitive skin✔ Dull skin✔ Those who want to protect their skin from UV rays while soothing their skin✔ Those looking for a light and moist sunscreenAre you interested in the SOMEBYMI brand after reading this article?If you are planning to buy this brand product, apply the discount code below!I'll give you a discount code to get a 3% discount.🎫 Discount Code : ZEZEYAATSOMEBYMI05.24 16:00 ~ 05.25 16:00 (KST)You can receive a 3% discount by entering the code in DISCOUNTS/REWARDS - Discount code when filling out the order form.Thanks for reading today’s article!💕@MD_YEOJIN
        Jeju Island
        Summer is vacation season!Although it is still spring, many people are already preparing for summer vacation.As we are writing this article, Zezeya's summer vacation schedule has come out. I can go on vacation in early August, but I'm having trouble deciding where to go!What about you? Domestic or overseas?If you have overseas travel plans, why not visit Korea?Just like Bali and Guam, Korea also has a wonderful island called Jeju Island.Today, I will introduce you to Jeju Island, a place that is both Korean and exotic.PRETTYSKIN The Pure Jeju Cica 40 Ceramide Cream 52ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Jeju Island is located in the southwest of Korea and is the largest island in Korea, ranking 218th in size in the world.It is a volcanic landform created by the volcanic activity of a mountain called Hallasan. One of the mountains is an island, and remnants of volcanic activity remain here and there.This large island in Korea is often divided into East Jeju and West Jeju, and each direction has slightly different things to enjoy.I hope that after reading this, you will want to come to Jeju Island someday!East JejuSeongsan Sunrise PeakSeongsan Ilchulbong is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.Unlike other oreums on Jeju Island, Seongsan Ilchulbong is a water-based volcano formed when magma erupts from the water, and it is built up in layers.At the time of its creation, it was an island separated from the mainland of Jeju Island, but as pebbles and sand piled up around it, a road was created during low tide, allowing you to enter by walking directly on the sea road.INNISFREE Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream 50ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Udo IslandThis island, called Udo (牛島) because it resembles a cow lying down, is a natural tourist destination with a gentle slope and abundant fishing grounds, and is a representative island of Jeju Island that attracts about 2 million tourists every year.Udo Island requires a boat ride of about 15 minutes from the mainland.The island itself is not that big, so you can enjoy the scenery and sea breeze while checking out pretty cafes or riding a bike around. It doesn't take long, about 3-4 hours.The sea around Udo Island is rich in fishing grounds, so the submarine tour course is also famous, allowing you to experience the jade-colored sea of Jeju Island.And do you like peanuts? If so, please be sure to try peanut makgeolli in Udo.Whenever I travel, I drink it and buy it as a gift, and it's a product I always ask people who travel to Jeju Island to buy!West JejuHyeopjae Beach / Neunggeum BeachThe western part of Jeju is mostly made up of beautiful beaches.Beautiful and unique cafes are hidden here and there among the beautiful walking trails along the coastline.If you're lucky, you may be able to see the female divers doing their work!DR.CEURACLE Jeju Matcha Clay Pack 115g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Osulloc Tea MuseumThe ‘o’ in Osulloc has the meaning of cheerful exclamation as well as origin of sulloc, only sulloc, of sulloc cha.Located at the entrance to Jeju Island's Seogwang Tea Garden, where green tea fields spread out, this museum is beautiful and interesting rather than boring.The scent of green tea filling the room and the green tea fields visible through the floor-to-ceiling glass put the mind at ease, making it a popular attraction for many tourists visiting Jeju. At the tea house, you can enjoy hot tea roasted by the tea master, ice cream drinks made with Osulloc green tea, roll cakes, etc. In particular, the dark green green tea roll cake is not too sweet, so it is welcomed by adults as well.I'M FROM Mugwort Mask 110g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Saebyeol OreumSaebyeol Oreum, located in Aewol, western Jeju, is said to have been named so because it stands alone like a morning star in the evening sky.The scenery is beautiful, and although there is a slight slope, it is not very high at 519.3m above sea level (the time required to reach the top is about 30 minutes).When you reach the top, you can see the beautiful beach and Biyangdo Island on the west side of Jeju Island.The Wildfire Festival, a representative festival of Jeju Island, is held every year around the first full moon of the year at Saebyeol Oreum, so be sure to visit if the period is right.https://www.visitjeju.net/krAlmost everything about Jeju Island, including the information I provided, is contained in the link above.Do you want to experience the beautiful nature and unique sensibility of Jeju Island?It is a place with so much beauty other than the tourist attractions I described.Look at the photos that appear when you search Jeju Island on Instagram!Isn’t it so beautiful?We are giving a special discount code to those who have lost this article!🏝️ ARTICLE PRODUCT 3% DISCOUNT CODE: ZEZEYALOVEJEJU05/22_16:00 ~ 05/23_16:00 (KST)This is a discount code that can be used when purchasing the products I introduced.This code is entered directly after selecting payment in the shopping cart and registering the shipping address.For detailed instructions on how to use it, please check the link below!https://zezeya.com/project/how-to-use-coupon-benefits/1151/Thank you again today and I will come back with more useful information next time 「( ・∇・)」@MD_HYEJIN
        Vegan brand, VEWARE🌿
        Do you know about the brand called VEWARE?Even if you don't know much about VEWARE, there are probably a lot of people who know ETUDE, right?VEWARE is a brand from a leading Korean cosmetics company that launched ETUDE.The company's name is Amore Pacific.Some people may have seen it as a brand sold at ZEZEYA.Additionally, ZEZEYA previously gave away free gifts from the VEWARE brand as an event.At this time, people who received VEWARE's free gifts would have known about the brand called VEWARE and used the brand's products.I would like to introduce this brand because it has many products that are gentle and good for animals and the environment!VEWARE is a compound word of Vegan + Ware and is a vegan beauty brand with a commitment to providing everything for vegans.VEWARE is a vegan cosmetic brand that excludes animal testing and animal-based ingredients and contains only essential vegan-certified ingredients.All VEWARE products have been certified as vegan by the ‘Korea Vegan Certification Institute’.In addition, it is a brand that contains the direction of spreading the eco-packaging culture.All products are designed for easy recycling.These are products that are good for daily use, in line with the brand's philosophy of becoming an authentic vegan beauty brand that is a part of everyday life.Let me introduce you to some of the products available!🌿 VEWARE vegan toneup sun cream 50ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]It is a hypoallergenic sun care product that allows your skin to breathe comfortably.In addition to being vegan certified, it has also gone through rigorous verification, including hypoallergenic testing, dermatological testing, and skin irritation testing.It is a sunscreen that has been tested and can be used gently on the skin.Did you know that there are different types of UV protection based on their ingredients?There are inorganic compound-based sunscreens and organic compound-based sunscreens.In the case of physical sunscreens based on inorganic compounds, the sunscreen ingredients form a protective film on the skin surface and reflect ultraviolet rays.Physical sunscreen is a method of reflecting ultraviolet rays using inorganic materials.Although it is less irritating, the spreadability is not as good as organic tea, and a white clouding phenomenon may occur.On the other hand, organic compound-based sunscreen (chemical sunscreen) absorbs ultraviolet rays and then converts them into heat and emits them.Chemical sunscreen uses chemical ingredients to absorb ultraviolet rays and emit them again as heat.It is easy to apply, but can cause eye irritation or skin irritation.Recently, many mixed sunscreens have been released that are manufactured by mixing these two ingredients.This product is also a combination of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, so each has its own strengths.It double blocks UV rays by deflecting and breaking them down.It also contains calamine, which soothes the skin and makes it clear.Because it has a tone-up effect, applying just one sunscreen to your raw face will have a correcting effect.* Recommended for these people✔ People looking for a mild, hypoallergenic sunscreen✔ Those who want strong UV protection and daily blue light blocking function✔ Those looking for a clear, natural moisturizing sunscreen✔ Those who want a natural tone-up🌿 VEWARE vegan signature lip balm 6.5g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]Did you know that shea butter has good moisturizing properties?This lip balm contains shea butter.It also contains highly moisturizing vegetable ingredients such as jojoba ester and sunflower seed oil.So, it makes dry and rough lips soft and moist.It has a melting texture that gently melts the moment it touches your lips, so you can feel soft and moist without stickiness.In addition, the capacity is more than twice that of regular lip balms and the diameter is wider, so it can be easily applied with just one touch.Feel soft and moist lips with just one touch!* Recommended for these people✔ People looking for a vegan lip balm they can trust and use✔ Those looking for a highly moisturizing lip balm that can gently soothe dry, rough lips✔ Those looking for a large-capacity lip balm that can be used generously🌿 VEWARE vegan pH cleansing water 500ml[Click on the photo to go to the product.]It is a mildly acidic cleansing water that refreshingly removes skin makeup and impurities.Micro micellar particles, which are 1/100th of the size of pores, completely remove even invisible fine impurities.Since it is a no-wash cleanser, you do not need to wash your face with water, but you can finish with lukewarm water or do a light secondary cleansing.Also, since it is slightly acidic, it balances the oil and moisture of the skin and makes the skin condition comfortable.It contains panthenol, which is good for strengthening the skin barrier, madecassoside, which is effective in soothing the skin and strengthening its self-renewal, and hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin.This product has completed an eye irritation evaluation test to determine the degree of irritation to the eye mucosa, making it suitable for use even on sensitive skin around the eyes.It will gently and thoroughly remove makeup around the eyes.When applying makeup, it is best to do a first cleansing before doing a second cleansing with cleansing foam.Even if you only apply sunscreen, it is better to do the first cleansing because it is difficult to wash your face with cleansing foam alone.So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have at least one primary cleansing product?* Recommended for these people✔ Those who want to wash their face easily and cleanly without washing with water✔ Those who want to experience oil-water balance and skin barrier strengthening effects✔ Those who want to gently and moistly cleanse irritated and sensitive skin🌿 VEWARE vegan whipping cleanser 150g[Click on the photo to go to the product.]The whipped cream foam thoroughly cleanses even the impurities in the pores.The sticky ultra-fine foam completely removes impurities in pores, but because it is gentle, it can be used daily.The rich foam reduces skin friction and cleanses gently.Like cleansing water, the cleanser contains panthenol, which is good for strengthening the skin barrier, madecassoside, which is effective in soothing the skin and strengthening its self-renewal power, and hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin.In addition, this product has completed an eye irritation evaluation test to determine the degree of irritation to the eye mucous membrane, making it suitable for use even on sensitive skin around the eyes.* Recommended for these people✔ Those who want thorough cleansing with dense foam and excellent cleansing power✔ Those who want to strengthen their skin’s natural ability while gently cleansing✔ Those looking for a cleanser that can be used dailyWe looked into the VEWARE brand, what do you think?I hope you get interested in this brand😊Did you want to buy VEWARE's products after reading this article?If so, apply the discount code below and purchase!🎫 Discount Code : ZEZEYAATVEWARE05.20 16:00 ~ 05.21 16:00 (KST)You can receive a 3% discount by entering the code in DISCOUNTS/REWARDS - Discount code when filling out the order form.Thanks for reading today’s article❤️@MD_YEOJIN
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